Data Speed Service Limitations - Residential Fibre & VDSL/ADSL2+ Services

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This document is intended to assist with the basic understanding of the limitation of service that MAY apply to your service. Active Utilities conducts regular speed tests with our wholesaler service provider (Service Elements) to ensure our published speeds are achievable to the end user.

We conduct these tests via multiple measures however one test that can also be completed by our customers is as follows,

  1.      Log on
  2.      Take note of the server location and the carrier the test is hosted by
  3.      Click “Begin Test”
  4.      Click “New Server” and select the closest capital and a different provider and run the Test again.

The above test can be completed by any person with a connection to the Internet. We have a standard residential service set up in each of our sites that replicate the exact connection a customer receives.

In addition to the above, Service Elements also monitor and manage the service to ensure the connection speed into the building is sufficient. To decrease performance issues caused by high contention ratio’s sites are connected with a gigabit Fibre with on-demand bandwidth.

Even when performing the above tests a customer can still have poor performance on their Internet service even on high speed plans. Some factors that could contribute to performance issues are:

  1. The number of individual end-users at a residence using the service at the same time. Quoted speeds are based on single user per residence.
  2.  End User hardware, software and software configuration, any hardware provide by Active Utilities to the customer can support the highest quoted speed on our networks (100Mbps downstream and 40Mbps Upstream), Please refer to the Active Utilities website to gain further information on the devices recommended for our Fibre or VDSL/ADSL2+ services,
  3. The connection method within the premises (fixed or wireless), all speed tests must be done via direct connection and not wirelessly. While any device provided by Active Utilities can provide quoted highest speeds both wired and wirelessly our tests are conducted in a controlled environment and without interruption of additional mobile devices, other wireless devices in the area etc…
  4. The type of content being downloaded
  5. The source of the content being downloaded (including any content server limitations). It is important to note that many sites on the World Wide Web (www) have port limitations on their servers of 10Mbps. This in-turn means that the fastest speeds you will get to this device is 10Mbps. Performance could be further impacted if there is a high number of users try to access the same devices and all having to share the same 10Mbps bandwidth. If you do experience poor speed performance it is recommended to perform the speed test as highlighted earlier in this document.

ACCC Paper

For further information on your rights as a consumer and our responsibility as a Retail ISP we recommend you review the below paper from the ACCC. Should you wish to discuss any issue related to this, please contact our office on the details below in office contact details section.

“HFC and Optical Fibre Broadband ‘Speed” Claims and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010”

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