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An Embedded Network is a term which describes a utilities distribution network formed in a multi-tenanted building or complex that then bands together tenants enabling a “buying group”. This allows for the purchase of utilities (i.e. electricity) at a wholesale/bulk level to then be on sold to tenants at discounted rates.
AU use 2 different wholesalers to deliver our services LBNCo Pty Ltd and Optus Pty Ltd. The determination of the wholesaler used is dependent on the site configuration. For all of our Fibre to the Home and VDSL services at residential apartments and estates these services are delivered by LBNCo, the majority of our business services are all provided by Optus. If you would like more information on the selected wholesaler for your premises please contact the AU Office on 1300 587 623 Option 1, Option 2, Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm (Excluding public holidays AEDT). Alternatively if we would like more information on our wholesalers you can visit their websites LBNCo -  Optus Wholesale -
Please call 1300 026 667 for our 24/7 Helpdesk, please have your customer number and site details available for the operator. If the outage is not related to Active Utilities service and is outside of the network the operator may provide you with the details for another provider to call. Typically these contact numbers are found on your bill. Please do not report outages via email.
All Active Utilities customers are billed in arrears i.e. we bill you for your usage from the previous month. So when you receive your bill you will have been billed for the previous month. If you are on a Direct Debit with us we allow you a certain period to review your usage prior to us deducting the amount due, this in most circumstances will be 21 days from the bill issue date.
In most circumstances you are not required to be home for connection of your services. We will make a specific appointment if we require access to your tenancy. Connections are typically made between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday (excluding public Holidays). ​ Note: please ensure that your main isolation switch contained within your switchboard in your tenancy is in the OFF position prior to connection. If this is left on we may not be able connect your tenancy when requested due to safety requirements.
You must contact us at least 3 business days prior to the vacation of your premises. This will give us sufficient notice to obtain a final reading of your account and confirm any special requirements in the termination of your account. It is important that you notify us of your departure as you will remain liable for any charges incurred up until this point, even if you have left the premises.
In spite of stable rates, your bill may be higher than expected for one of the following reasons:
  • The weather is extremely hot or cold, causing your Air-conditioning/HVAC unit to work overtime keeping your home/office comfortable
  • Your home or business has air leaks. If your location is not properly insulated, you could be losing cool air or heat as fast as your HVAC unit pumps it out.
  • You’re actually using more energy than you realize. It’s easy to rack up a sizable electric bill if you adjust the thermostat a few degrees … or your kids accidentally leave the back door open for an hour … or you leave the TV on while you run errands. But the good news is that it’s easy to lower your bill.
​If you still have questions, well be happy to help you figure out what’s behind your high bill, please contact us.
All Residential and Small Business Customers for Electricity are not required to enter into a termed Agreement with Active Utilities. Large Electricity and Telecommunication customers may be subject to Agreement terms which have special terms and conditions that apply. For our terms and conditions please visit the Downloads section of our website for more information on your utility services with Active Utilities.
For all residential customers, it is a condition of supply that you sign up for Direct Debit payments. You will have 21 days from the bill issue date to review your account and contact us if you are not satisfied with anything contained within your bill. As Residential customers are not restricted to an Agreement Term, they are free to choose another retailer at any stage.
Meter readings for the previous month and the current month appear on every bill, so you can monitor your monthly usage. If you dispute the accuracy of your reading, you may request a second reading. We will charge you a fee if your first reading proves to be accurate. However, if you think your meter is giving inaccurate readings, you may request a meter test, we will also charge you a fee for the new test. You will not be charged if the test shows that your meter is indeed giving inaccurate readings. Keep in mind that our meters test with more than 99.5 percent accuracy, so a meter problem is rare.
Due to the private electricity network (Embedded Network) that your tenancy is located within, a National Meter Identifier (NMI) is not allocated. Active Utilities meter number is located on your bill and provides a unique identifier for your location.
All Active Utilities customers are charged a fee for the connection or disconnection of their service/s. These fees usually relate to setting up your account or for the finalization of your account may include a final meter reading or isolation of your service. We aim to keep these charges to a minimum however due to some external costs these are unavoidable.
Unless as a result of your local State or Territory legislation, we are unable to restrict you from choosing your own retailer. For more information regarding the process for leaving your network please contact us.
An estimated bill is when Active Utilities predicts the usage you would have used for the billing period. This may be based on your usage from the previous year or other calculations as allowed by relevant regulators.
This can be for several reasons, but the main two reasons are: 1. Your meter was unavailable to be read by Active Utilities 2. Your smart meter was faulty and was unable to transmit a read to Active Utilities.
If your bill has been estimated, it will have an ‘E’ beside the meter readings to indicate to you that your bill has been estimated.
As the customer, you have the right to request an adjustment to an estimated bill using your own meter reading. Please call Active Utilities for further information.

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